Sound Meditation

photographed by Gerald Forster for WelcomeEarth

Sound meditation is a practice of using sound and vibration as a gateway to deep levels of consciousness. Using a mixture of breathing and imagery and a wide-variety of unique instruments I teach people ways of listening and interacting with sound that allows the mind to calm and focus. Sound provides a gateway to meditation that is highly accessible to new and experienced meditators alike. Recipients often report a dramatic reduction in stress, a reduction in physical or emotional pain, as well as a sense of clarity, insight and overall well-being afterwards. With the help of neuroscientists and fellow practitioners I have been scientifically studying the effects of this practice and finding dramatic and promising results. 

For more information please don't hesitate to email me at or click here to be subscribe to the invite list to the next public sound meditation. I offer sound meditations for individuals and groups of all sizes as well as corporate clients such as Google, TED and Tumblr.