Sound Meditation

Sound meditation is a practice of using sound and vibration as a gateway to deep levels of consciousness. Using a mixture of breathing, guided imagery and a wide-variety of unique instruments I teach ways of listening and interacting with sound that allow the mind to calm and focus. I work directly with my clients to support their intentions and guide their practice towards transformation and healing.

Sound provides a gateway to meditation  that is highly accessible. Recipients often report a dramatic reduction in stress, a reduction in physical or emotional pain, as well as clarity, insight and overall well-being. With proper preparation and guidance, sound meditation may be used to unwind entrenched issues and deal with traumas directly.

I also work with those undergoing dynamic life transitions, including pregnant couples and those in hospice care and tailor my approach to the needs of my clientelle.

For more information or to book a session please contact me. I offer sound meditations for individuals and groups of all sizes.